When the Soul Awakens

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Reflect on the emotion of Fear that has crippled your Heart, as uncomfortable as that may be. There is no need for a Gatekeeper.

What is Soul Awakening?

Time to Open the rusted gates to Your Heart Center. The Heart Chakra has a very specific Mission. It integrates and balances our Body Mind bringing a sense of Peace, we feel a lightness. As we begin to experience heart-felt emotions such as love, caring, appreciation and compassion, it creates positive beneficial effects on our Body.

Those who vibrate within this truth find their way to Spiritual growth, as Fear is replaced with Love a recognizable feeling of Joy. You Energetically shift. When seeking answers, pay close attention to the Feelings within your Heart, as you witness the World by what you carry within it.

Fear and Anger have hidden the Positive experiences in your Life, blindfolding you from the Joy. As you send Love, you attract Love, the door to your Heart opens more each time you do. Share Pin The Soul: Empowered Embraces Life.

Step 1 — The Personal Power eBook. Recent Posts. Seifer and Vieweg support this theory with a series of 10 dense chapters, each of which opens with a thought-provoking quotation from a saint, poet, writer or prophet that logically guides the chapter. Seifer and Vieweg thoroughly cover reincarnation, the qualities and existence of the human soul, the experience of spiritual awakening and the history of ageless wisdom.

Woven throughout the text is a fine balance of description of and quotations from spiritual leaders from around the world and across time—this provides this text with a global and timeless perspective.

kessai-payment.com/hukusyuu/logiciel-espion/miku-localiser-iphone-x.php Each chapter concludes with end-notes which provide additional information, much of which is historical in nature and provides opportunity for future exploration. Though abstract and wordy, the book is appropriate for seekers wanting to understand the roots of ageless wisdom.

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Core truths of esoteric knowledge, now easily accessible for today's spiritual seekers

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