The Yaku and The Undefeated

"The Yaku and the Undefeated" to Premiere at Newark Int. Film Fest
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Janice Diovany Cera Coronado Rowan Erick Graves II Monk's Brother Europe Harmon Robert bobby Crawford Hazelwood Senior Monk Owen Hu Santos Baxter Linn Cobain Alec Patchin Thomas Prentiss Thompson Edit Storyline After a long, work-related separation, two young martial artists go on a much needed romantic date, but their night turns deadly when they must contend with a junior monk who is bent on revenge for the death of his steroid-dealing brother.

Genres: Action. Language: English. Runtime: 86 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital 5. Color: Color.

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While Tokushoryu comes to the dohyo with a strong winning record, Chiyoshoma is ranked higher, and is much more capable this basho. He has also won all 4 of their prior matches. Kotoshogiku vs Takekaze — 4 more wins in 6 days. It means 2 wins for every loss over the rest of the basho. Day 10 he faces off against the henka master, Takekaze. Their prior matches are split evenly Takanoiwa vs Takayasu — Takanoiwa is having a tough basho at , but as always he is capable of surprising even the mightiest Yokozuna with his explosive, attack-oriented sumo.

A win today would put Takayasu in double digits, and would be a big boost for any special prizes and his ongoing Ozeki campaign. Their prior bouts split with advantage to Takayasu.

Harubasho 2017 (Osaka)

Shodai vs Terunofuji — Shodai is plagued by being too high in his tachiai — it seems he has a driving need to protect his face. Terunofuji does not care about his face. I am not sure Terunofuji cares about Shodai except as a meat popsicle that he can defeat on the dohyo. Terunofuji is a man possessed, and I am curious to see how far he will go with his current streak of powerful, winning sumo. Kakuryu is a slippery, reactive warrior of the first order, and he will not be easy to beat. But Yoshikaze has beat him 5 times during their 15 career matches.

Harumafuji vs Endo — I am predicting nodowa attack festival, mini-henka, death spin or a combination here.

Endo can surprise Harumafuji, who seems to be a bit more hurt every day of this basho. Skip to content Home Harubasho Osaka Page 8. The hooded figure introduces herself as Hayes of the Heiburg Republic who bears a resemblance to Lux and Airi. She hints to Lux that he had forgotten a tragic incident on the island five years ago and the two flee.

Later that night, Celes expresses her anger at being deceived by Lux but she eventually forgives him and allows him to stay at the academy. Lux later tries to remember what took place on the island five years ago and he sees flashes of the large building and a room with young girls on a bed while covered in blood.

As he tries to remember more, his head begins to hurt and an earthquake suddenly hits as new ruins appears out from the sea. A flashback of Philuffy and Lux when they were kids is seen. Lux visits her in her room and she says that she is going to participate in the ruin investigation but Lux expresses his worry over her health though she assures him that she is fine.

Lux is inspecting his Bahamut Drag-Ride which has been modified by Lishe in preparation for the ruin investigation. As the investigation begins, Lux and the girls travel inside the ruins and are surprised to find a destroyed ecosystem and suggests that a war took place based on the destruction. The group decides to split up in order to cover more ground.

Lux, Noct, and Airi's group discover a young girl covered in rubble.

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WIM has fantastic events if you are an aspiring or seasoned filmmaker, actor, writer or director. Tukar bahasa. Losyen badan Krim muka. In the period of communist liquidations, there is an unsolved murder of five students, one of them being Maki. Airi, who also possesses a horn, allows Phi to regain control of herself and breaks Hayes' horn in the process but the Ragnarok is revived.

The group calls Krulcifer to check on the girl who awakens at her touch. Krulcifer sees that she is not human and the girl introduces herself as La Krushe, the supervisor of the ruins and she refers to Krulcifer as "Administrator".

La Krushe explains that she had lost most of memories and data due to her long slumber and confirms that most of the ruins' functions have been suspended. Meanwhile, the Queen of Atismata and the Four Great Nobles meet and discuss Ragreed's escape and plot to attack the kingdom. However, the army lacks man power due to an insufficient number of Drag-Rides so one of the nobles suggests using the students of the academy to make up for this but Celes' father opposes the idea. The noble also notes that Lux is the only one who could defeat the Ragnarok while admitting his plan to having the former prince work for them in the near future.

Back in the ruins, Lux is carrying a tired Phi as they enter a room where the Abyss were being created. Phi suddenly experiences a headache and warns them of incoming danger as an Abyss suddenly appears and attacks them. La Krushe explains that when the ruins enter a state of alert, three Abyss are released to protect it. Lux suggests escaping the ruins but an unusually stern Relie insists on continuing and Phi equips her Drag-Ride and heads off with Lux in pursuit.

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They leave the ruins and confront the remaining Abyss but Phi is thrown into the old building on the mountain and Lux starts to remember more about the past. He enters the building and remembers that it was once used as a place for human experimentation by the old Empire and Phi was one of the victims. He finds Phi only to be attacked by her as she smiles maniacally and her eyes emit an inhuman glow.

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A brief flashback sees a young Phi and Lux saying their goodbyes as they separate. In the present, Phi continues to strangle Lux but she suddenly passes out and Hayes appears beside them. Back in the ruins, Lishe and Krulcifer defeat the remaining Abyss. Airi tells them that they had discovered the entrance to the deepest parts of the ruins but they lack a key to enter.

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Back in the old building, Lux confronts Hayes but she warns him that if she dies, Phi dies too. Hayes explains that she planted a seed of Ragnarok inside Phi and that she is slowly turning into an Abyss as her body is being eaten from the inside. Hayes also reveals that Phi had been resisting her commands which explains her fever and headaches.

She then offers Lux a deal in which she will command the Ragnarok to save Phi who will die in a few days in her current state but in exchange, Lux must open the entrance to the deepest part of the ruins using Krulcifer as they key but he is given a time limit of two days to accomplish this. Later, Lux meets with Relie who reveals that Phi supposedly died due to the inhumane experiments conducted on her five years ago but she awoke stronger than before but at a terrible price.

Relie also reveals that her determination to explore the deepest areas of the ruins is because she hopes to find something that can cure Phi.

The Yaku and the Undefeated 2017 IMDb

The next day, Lux reminisces about his past again while his Bahamut undergoes maintenance. To his and Airi's shock, they are suddenly contacted by their Fugil who explains that the only way to save Phi is to destroy the Ragnarok controlling her and Hayes' horn. Before returning to the ruins, Lux visits Phi who reveals that she knows the truth of her condition but states she is satisfied as both Lux and Relie have grown strong over the years. The group opens the entrance to ruins' deepest area with Krulcifer's help and La Krushe, whose memory has recovered, attacks them as Hayes appears with Phi under her control.

Airi, who also possesses a horn, allows Phi to regain control of herself and breaks Hayes' horn in the process but the Ragnarok is revived. Despite their best efforts, the group is overwhelmed until Lux unleashes Bahamut's full power and defeats the Ragnarok.

"The Yaku and the Undefeated" to Premiere at Newark Int. Film Fest

Fugil convinces Hayes to retreat as the ruins begin to collapse and La Krushe loses consciousness. As Lux recovers, he is assured by Phi that she can resist the horn and thanks him for saving her. Everyone celebrates Lux's recovery after returning home from training camp.