Murderers Thumb

The Murderer’s Thumb: A Short History
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Murder in the Thumb

And yes, that is my thumb. For the thumb lovers! I forgot to share - my mom's Buddha carving carved by my bro helped keep us company on our trip abroad.

Deep C curve / murderers thumb and flat nails!

FOOD Plukgeluk Learning how to pick locks with JB. The other reason for my all day energy. Today anyway. Bedankt voor de prachtige poster lentezoet! Update about the kitten s for adoption: Okay na guys, may kumuha na. Lumuha na ako.

Walo nalang sila. Placed kittens for adoption. Portraits are the hardest for me and I hope practicing enough will make me content. Also my thumbs are something I've always been self conscious about but I'm trying not to give a fuck. Look whose thumbs are becoming more murderous! Happy birthday, Neil.

19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have Clubbed Thumbs

You've given us a lot to think about. It's my lucky day. Four years ago, he told himself if I had cornbread ready to eat, he'd propose right then and there. Last night, he came home from Hong Kong after being gone a week. Cornbread was in the oven when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to him being down on one knee.

I guess we both just knew. Cleopatra's foot in the Met.

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If it was acceptable to remove your shoes and place your foot on a statue in a fancy museum, you would be able to observe own messed up little toes reflected in stone. Little Bit, munchin on crumbs. Meet a Mighteorite! They are giving away glass and other goodies. Here is what me and reynasays are bringing for the giveaway. Stiff thumbed people tend to dominate those with flexible thumbs, and when stiff and flexible thumbed parents have children, in most cases their offspring will have stiff thumbs. The study of palmistry is in effect, a study of life. Our hands reveal a great deal about out tastes, talents, temperament, sense of humour and likely health issues.

Major life events from the past and the future are also revealed, if you know where to look when examining both sides of both hands.

The curious case of the “murderer’s thumb”: Dr. Kinga Vereczkey-Porter on Brachydactyly

When sceptics argue that palmists are soothsayers, telling clients what they want to hear, I point out that an experienced palmist can confirm past major events from examining the hands. Our hands are maps of our lives, as I prove regularly on TV when I give live readings using only photographs of hands, with the client on the phone to confirm or discount my findings. This is the real test of palmistry, when I read for a client without ever meeting that person. Paul offers palmistry readings in person, from photographs and he runs a beginners palmistry course each year.

View Larger Image. Clubbed Thumb. Crooked Little Finger. Knotty Fingers. Flexible Thumb. Stiff thumb. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Related Posts. What your fingers reveal about your nature. May 22nd, 0 Comments. Your Hands: a Window to Your Soul? March 18th, 0 Comments. In Search of Career Direction? Reading Palms on the Run. But she died before I was born. I've always known they were different and special. I'm so glad to finally see i'm not the only one though! I would definitely go with "Potter's Thumb" rather than "Murderer's Thumb". Kudos on getting both thumbs in the shot.

My thumbs look just like this too-- thanks for posting pictures as it is nice to see other people proud of our unique thumbs! It's nice to know I am not alone. I only have one and was so embarrassed about it when I was young.

The Curious Case of the Stubby Thumb | Helix Magazine

Finally in my mid twenty's I forgot about it until I shook hands with someone who was so excited that I had a 'potters thumb'. She had two. Haven't thought about it for years and this was pre computers, just thought to google it and find it fascinating that so many of us have them.

Forget the murders thumb, lets keep it light and be proud that we are special.

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Let it roll off, kid. Mine are both like this and I too was tormented over my "spooners" as a child and teen. I had no idea it was a thing. My hubby has one such thumb, so nice to know all about it. I would like to achieve a better result with less damage to the product.

I have the same thumbs and just found out what it was from the Megan Fox Superbowl thumb-gate. I've never met anyone else with these sort of thumbs and didn't know it was a specific genetic trait. Nobody in my family has them so it must have stayed suppressed in my male lineage.

I've always thought they were sort of cool and purpose built for a Nintendo style D-pad. I'm disappointed that one article I read mentioned multiple times that Ms. Fox "suffered" from this condition. On the scale of human suffering this rates as a 1. I'm sure for women it can be more troubling to deviate from the ideal form but they are just thumbs in the end.

I'm curious if anyone has ever had problems with the last joint of their thumbs locking up on them. It rarely happens now but particularly during puberty I frequently had my thumbs become locked and unbendable without having to gently pull the joint apart. Re: I just learned about this - Anonymous Expand. I'm so glad you all are posting on this topic!

I started researching Brachydactyly after hearing all the fuss over poor Megan Fox's thumb. I say "poor" because she's being harrassed about it. I was curious, because my 14 year old daughter has always complained about her thumbs. Her fingers are long with short nails, but her thumbs look exactly like the photos you guys have posted. I used an anonymous donor to have her, so always figured she "inherited" her hands and feet from him since they don't look like my side of the family's, but I had no idea there was a name for it!