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What Does 'Kairos' Mean in Classical Rhetoric?
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What makes that momentary but long-lasting difference? God shows up to participate in our lives and performs a miracle, speaks words of peace, gives new direction, or whatever else the Creator of the universe chooses to do. But in those defining moments, virtually everything changes; the impossible becomes possible.

[highlight]Kairos, Greek god of the Photographers[/highlight]

But in those defining moments, virtually everything changes; the impossible becomes possible. Why? Because God is God, and He still rules His universe. The Kariros: Defining Moments Bible study will examine such moments in the lives of five Old Testament characters and explore how those moments shaped.

Because God is God, and He still rules His universe. The God who created all things can accomplish more in His defining moment than we can accomplish in a lifetime. After all, according to Genesis, He created the heavens and earth, including man, in just six days and rested on the seventh. From that truth, one would draw an obvious conclusion that what we do is not going to impress God; but when He acts in our behalf, it will always astound us.

Those times are kairos moments.

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Where does kairos come from?

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