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Rucker, Fourth Dimension In an obituary for Hinton, Gelett Burgess recounts an elaborate prank staged during one demonstration of the device. Hinton was interrupted by a planted postman, and, protesting the disruption vociferously, proceeded to read aloud the message that was so urgent it had to be delivered mid-lecture.

The students in the lecture hall amusedly assumed someone was pranking their professor, but discovered the joke to be on them halfway through the missive, which included an account of a baseball game played in That is to say, when the name of any cube was said, I could tell at once those which it lay next to; and if a set of names were said, I could tell at once what shape composed of cubes was denoted. Suppose, that is, some figure, such as a circle or rectangle, to be endowed with the power of perception; such a being if it moves in the plane superficies in which it is drawn, will move in a multitude of directions; but, however varied they may seem to be, these directions will all be compounded of two, at right angles to each other.

By no movement so long as the plane superficies remains perfectly horizontal, will this being move in the direction we call up and down.

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And it is important to notice that the plane would be different to a creature confined to it, from what it is to us. We think of a plane habitually as having an upper and a lower side, because it is only by the contact of solids that we realize a plane. But a creature which had been confined to a plane during its whole existence would have no idea of there being two sides to the plane he lived in. In a plane there is simply length and breadth. If a creature in it be supposed to know of an up or down he must already have gone out of the plane.

Scientific Romances With the latter assertion at least, readers of this journal may beg to differ.

Furthermore, Against the Day often pays homage to the popular fictions it recycles, another hallmark of pastiche at least as it is commonly understood. Situating the novel within the larger debates over pastiche and parody is beyond the scope of this essay, but interested readers might begin with the careful critical analyses of these genres found in Hutcheon and Hoesterey. The ever-punning Pynchon makes light of the Wellsian word choice in one chummy exchange. But this time I intend to remain on the ground, with no dimensional issues. Dalsgaard convincingly argues that Pynchon includes three different modes of time travel in the novel: orthogonal travel that is, a departure at a degree angle from time as we know it ; travel facilitated by way of curved, rotating, or circular time; and multiversal travel across alternate realities.

Early in Against the Day , the detective Lew Basnight is taken aboard the Inconvenience to surveil anarchist activity in Chicago. In many respects this episode replicates the experience of A. On being taken aboard the Inconvenience , Lew is flummoxed by the mere existence of the Chums, of whom he has never heard.

Later in the novel, Lt. This ascension to three-dimensionality follows an access of enlightenment brought about by the Siberian Tunguska explosion of , which leads Prance to ponder the dimensional limits of his earthly life.

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Articles and Chapters in Books Leonard, John. Thomas Pynchon. Bell, Michael J. New York: Vintage, Closer to home, the Stiletto must challenge dangerous tongs in Chinatown after befriending a teenage boy whose father was killed by the gangs. Everything there seems so quaint and peaceful at first. In fact, Against the Day both opens and closes with a Chums episode, and their role in the novel is arguably second only to the travails of the Traverse family.

Interest in the fourth dimension, however, continued beyond its heyday, surfacing notably in pulp sf of the s and s. While most of the generic source material woven into Against the Day is contemporaneous with the ostensible historical setting, Pynchon, as anyone who has read him can attest, is undaunted by anachronism.

For example, one of the episodes in the novel, the so-called Vormance Expedition, is, as many reviewers noted, largely a reworking of H.

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The three-dimensional explorer, thinking analogously, traps the partially manifest creature with an iron spike, as a flatlander might trap a human finger inserted into its two-dimensional world. Of the prominent popularizers, Hinton was not alone in his flirtations with the supernatural. In one notable scene, Lew Basnight and the T. The classic study of the diverse Spiritualist movements in turn-of-the-century Britain is Oppenheim; there is also excellent discussion of the Society for Psychical Research and its influence on late-Victorian Gothic literature in Luckhurst Ashley offers an exhaustive anatomy of the psychic detective in popular fiction, much of which Pynchon undoubtedly digested in order to generate his satirical portrait of the T.

Blackwood himself was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a qabalistic sect interested in diverse magical practices that was founded in and whose membership also included Arnold Bennett, Aleister Crowley, E. Nesbit, and William Butler Yeats. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Boston: Roberts Brothers, Ashley, Mike. John Clute and John Grant. New York: St. Banchoff, Thomas F. Blackwood, Algernon. John Silence: Physician Extraordinary.

London: Eveleigh Nash, Bond, Nelson.

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Best of Science Fiction. Groff Conklin. New York: Crown, Clute, John. Conrad, Joseph.

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Frederick R. Karl and Laurence Davies.

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At the Mountains of Madness. New York: Modern Library, Luckhurst, Roger. The Invention of Telepathy, Oxford: Oxford UP, Massey, Jonathan. McHale, Brian. Constructing Postmodernism. London: Routledge, Newcomb, Simon. Oppenheim, Janet.